Matt Green

Matt Green

Matt exhibited a passion for building at an early age and was mentored by experienced builders and craftsmen.

He has a wide ranging skill-set, encompassing the requirements of the entire build process of both architecturally designed builds, and more budget conscious projects.

Matt loves a challenge, and takes great pride in his work. In his spare time, Matt likes to get into the great outdoors, and enjoy a cold beer with friends and family.

Matt Ussher

Sam Ussher

Sam began his career in building upon leaving school and has never looked back.

He served his apprenticeship under some very skilled builders and now possesses a wide range of skills. He is detail orientated and knows that it’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference.

Sam is an ideas man, and loves finding solutions to his client’s needs. In his spare time Sam enjoys fishing and, like Matt, enjoying a cold beer with friends.